PlayStation 3
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Product Features

Action and Shooter
Activision Blizzard
Release Date
November 05, 2013
Available Platforms
PlayStation 3

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Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts is Activision's 2013 first person shooter; the tenth instalment in the Call of Duty franchise which is available for PS3, WIIU, XBox 360, PC, PS4 and XBox ONE.

Featuring a completely new story, new characters and new environment, the gameplay experience is further enhanced by a new next-generation Call of Duty engine. In addition to single and multiplayer campaigns you can also play in Squads mode where you will build a team of six customised soldiers created in multiplayer and lead them into battle. This instalment also boasts a Create-a Soldier System with thousands of unique combinations, new tactical player movements, 20 new Kill Streaks, and over 30 new weapons plus much more.

The scene is set ten years following the decimation of the US by an American space station after it was hacked by a terrorist group; the Federation. Now very much the underdog, under threat from this dominant superpower, the crippled US is in danger of irreversible decline. However some hard-core members of the collapsing US military have assembled a specialised unit called Ghosts, led by Elias Walker (retired US Captain). This paramilitary force's objective is to track down and destroy the leaders of the Federation and to infiltrate the Federations new space station with the intention of re-establishing US supremacy once again. Will you survive long enough to achieve you goal?