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Pokemon Black Version Pokemon Black Version

Pokemon Black Version is the companion game to the Pokemon White version. They are both hand-held role-playing games for the Nintendo DS/DSi and involve catching and training wild Pokemon in the brand new Unova region (a mixture of city sprawl and country landscape) then using them to compete with other Trainers in battle. Pokemon Black and White bring with them improved graphics and feature several new battle modes (including Triple and Rotation battles), multiplayer options, the ability to wirelessly...

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Blend It Blend It

The aim of the game is simple, mix the colours to solve the puzzles, but it's not as easy as it looks! This addictive game, Blended, will test your awareness of hues, as you choose colours to create new tones and clear the screen. The colour wheel will assist you, allowing you to view colour combinations. There's also a variety of challenges as well as a multiplayer mode.

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