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Sniper Elite Sniper Elite

It is 1945, the end of World War II. NKVD (the Russian Secret Service) is trying to steal atomic-bomb technology from the Germans. As an OSS-trained American sniper, disguised as a German soldier, your role is to prevent the NKVD from achieving their aim thus saving the world from Stalin's evil plans. You will be expected to eliminate senior bureaucrats, rescue captured agents, steal top secret papers and you should stop at nothing to fulfil your assignment. You will need nerves of steel and will...

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Monster Hunter Tri Monster Hunter Tri

Available for the first time on Wii and in the UK, Monster Hunter Tri is the ultimate battle of the beasts game.Developed by Capcom the title is set in an eco system where people and monsters live together, gamers are challenged by the Moga Village chief to go in hunt of monsters in an effort to stop the earthquakes that could wreak disaster on the village. The more successful the hunt the happier life in Moga will be.There's a variety of options for gamers, including a split screen alternative and...

from only £12.29

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