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  • Cooking Mama Cooking Mama December 08, 2006 DS from only £.

    Cooking Mama challenges players to use the stylus as a master kitchen tool to cook 76 real world dishes ranging from pepperoni pizza to cabbage meat rolls. Players use the stylus to chop, slice, pan fry,...

  • Animal Crossing Wild World Animal Crossing Wild World March 31, 2006 DS from only £.

    In a nutshell: Start a new life on your DS with the most unlikely source of online addiction you''ve ever experienced. You''ve complete freedom to customise your home and the town around it as you socialise...

  • Dogz Dogz December 15, 2006 DS from only £.

    Dogz (Nintendo DS)

  • Guinness Book Of Records The Videogame Guinness Book Of Records The Videogame October 11, 2010 DS from only £7.69

    Guinness Book Of Records: The Videogame (Nintendo DS)

  • Gardening Mama Gardening Mama May 01, 2009 DS from only £.

    Gardening Mama (Nintendo DS)

  • The Sims 2 The Sims 2 November 04, 2005 DS from only £.

    Control your Sims through all of the fully customizable locations - each one unique per platform Create thousands of your own food recipes, clothing designs, potions, inventions, and even personal music...

  • Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise September 05, 2008 DS from only £.

    Great Games and Accessories for the Nintendo DS from Gamesbuyer.

  • MySims MySims September 20, 2007 DS from only £.

    The Sims 2: Pets has already appeared on the Wii, but it was just a simple port of the PlayStation 2 version with little real use made of the Wii remote. This though is a complete reimagining of the whole...

  • Planet Rescue Endangered Island Planet Rescue Endangered Island November 28, 2008 DS from only £.

    Great Games and Accessories for the Nintendo DS from Gamesbuyer.

  • Petz My Kitten Family Petz My Kitten Family February 13, 2009 DS from only £.

    Raise and care for a full family of pets! Adopt a kitten from a wide variety of breeds and customise his look with tons of outfits and accessories. Cross-breed and create your own looking baby pet, then...