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  • Animal Crossing Wild World Animal Crossing Wild World March 31, 2006 DS from only £23.45

    In a nutshell: Start a new life on your DS with the most unlikely source of online addiction you''ve ever experienced. You''ve complete freedom to customise your home and the town around it as you socialise...

  • Cooking Mama Cooking Mama December 08, 2006 DS from only £13.08

    Cooking Mama challenges players to use the stylus as a master kitchen tool to cook 76 real world dishes ranging from pepperoni pizza to cabbage meat rolls. Players use the stylus to chop, slice, pan fry,...

  • Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop 2 Tamagotchi Connexion Corner Shop 2 March 23, 2007 DS from only £12.13

    As soon as the original became the best selling, non-Nintendo published game for the DS in Japan, it was only a matter of time before a sequel appeared. As with the last game this isn''t just a simulation...

  • Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends June 16, 2006 DS from only £18.17

    In a nutshell:The ultimate evolution of virtual pet: Nintendogs gives you opportunity to preen and look after a selection of cute puppies in a virtual home, with virtual currency, where you can buy toys...

  • The Sims 3 The Sims 3 October 29, 2010 DS from only £26.09

    Create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires, and control their lives within a living neighborhood that you can customize, including designing the ultimate beach getaway. Unlock all-new...

  • Ellen Whitakers Horse Life Ellen Whitakers Horse Life November 28, 2008 DS from only £35.99

    Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life (Nintendo DS)

  • Nintendo Presents Style Boutique Nintendo Presents Style Boutique October 23, 2009 DS from only £30.99

    Soon you'll be the owner of your own store and using your creativity to style the mannequins, dictating the atmosphere by choosing the interior and music, creating promotional Mailouts and deciding when...

  • Imagine Babies Imagine Babies November 02, 2007 DS from only £31.09

    Imagine Babies (Nintendo DS)

  • Real Adventures Pet Vet Real Adventures Pet Vet January 18, 2008 DS from only £30.99

    Real Adventures: Pet Vet (Nintendo DS)

  • Gardening Mama Gardening Mama May 01, 2009 DS from only £16.96

    Gardening Mama (Nintendo DS)