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  • Fabulous Finds Fabulous Finds September 18, 2009 DS from only £3.19

    My daughter (aged 6) tried a similar game as a trial on our PC and wanted a 'finding' game for her new DSi. I bought her Fabulous Finds and she, with my help, has managed to complete it. As the previous...

  • Zoo Tycoon Zoo Tycoon November 11, 2005 DS from only £21.09

    Zoo Tycoon (Nintendo DS)

  • Theme Park Theme Park March 23, 2007 DS from only £26.09

    Enjoy the challenge and excitement of the bestselling Theme Park series on the go for the first time, on Nintendo DS! Create, manage and develop your very own fun-filled park, packed with amazing rides,...

  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift June 27, 2008 DS from only £19.75

    FINAL FANTASY TACTICS A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a strategy and tactics game with battles, missions, swords, and sorcery, set in the universe of the hugely successful FINAL FANTASY series. Alone in a...

  • Farm Life Farm Life July 04, 2008 DS from only £31.11

    Craft fertile soil into a profitable, prize winning and picture-worthy farm. Prepare land and livestock to produce goods with which you can profit, and earn money to purchase equipment, land or livestock...

  • Zoo Hospital Zoo Hospital March 07, 2008 DS from only £18.09

    Zoo Hospital (Nintendo DS)

  • Diner Dash Sizzle and Serve Diner Dash Sizzle and Serve May 04, 2007 DS from only £24.95

    Converting casual PC games to handheld formats is all the rage these days, and Diner Dash from Eidos happily follows the trend. If you've ever been in the food service industry, you know it can be hell....

  • Worms Open Warfare 2 Worms Open Warfare 2 August 31, 2007 DS from only £26.09

    Worms: Open Warfare 2 (Nintendo DS)

  • Worms Open Warfare Worms Open Warfare March 24, 2006 DS from only £18.93

    Worms: Open Warfare (Nintendo DS)

  • Age Of Empires The Age of Kings Age Of Empires The Age of Kings November 10, 2006 DS from only £29.09

    Age of Empires: The Age of Kings for the Nintendo DS is based on the best-selling PC RTS title of all time: Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. You'll command 5 different civilizations, build armies and...