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Diablo 3 PC Mac DVD Diablo 3 PC Mac DVD

Enter the dark fantasy horror world that is Diablo III, the third chapter in the ever popular Diablo series. The setting is Sanctuary and the time is 20 years on from events which took place in Diablo II. You must create your own character from one of 5 classes of hero choosing from barbarian, wizard, monk, witch doctor or demon hunter; each class possessing its own range of magical spells and skills. You must then set out on your vital heroic quest which is to save innocent people from the evil...

from only £9.95
Dungeons Dungeons

Play as the evil Dungeon Lord. Lure unsuspecting heroes into your labyrinthine lair, cleverly tunnelled and designed by you with the help of your goblin subordinates. Cajole them with assurances of treasure, knowledge and promises of valiant battles to keep them happy and thus increase their Soul Energy. Entertain them; allow them to grow in pleasure, then when they are ripe, siphon out the Soul Energy from them in the confines of your prison cells and torture chambers.To deceive the heroes into...

from only £4.98

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