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Rocksmith Rocksmith

Rocksmith for XBox 360, PS3 and PC is an interesting new guitar playing game from Ubisoft; the first of its kind. Providing you have your own guitar and quarter inch jack, you can plug into your console and away you go. You will suddenly find you possess an amplifier, several effects pedals and much more so you will be able to fine tune the sound (reverb, wah, delays, tremolo, distortion etc) to your own requirements. The game adjusts to your own ability level so you can improve your guitar skills...

from only £41.59
Legends of Pegasus Legends of Pegasus

Legends of Pegasus is a cleverly presented space sci-fi epic strategy game from Kalypso. It's 4X strategy gameplay provides a formidable challenge to existing dedicated strategy gamers while still being completely accessible to newcomers to the genre. You will set off into unknown galaxies to explore new worlds in order to grow your civilisation. You will find new planets to colonise and will need to put into place essential infrastructures, set up research and development facilities to provide innovative...

from only £2.42

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