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  • Lost Planet 3 Lost Planet 3 August 30, 2013 PS3 from only £13.69


  • Brutal Legend Brutal Legend October 16, 2009 PS3 from only £11.79

    Piecing the period of time when a divine society used raw materials of ROCK and hot rods which lay dormant in this land, experts at Double Fine also revealed the fantastic nature of this world where Big-block...

  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition March 27, 2009 PS3 from only £15.62

    With a collection of limited and exclusive features, this is the ultimate Red Alert 3 collection for any strategy fan. Go back in time and battle alongside your friends and Hollywood stars in an action-packed,...

  • Worms Collection Worms Collection September 28, 2012 PS3 from only £31.11

    Includes: WormsTM WormsTM 2: Armageddon WormsTM Ultimate Mayhem Six fantastic DLC Packs Three Great WormsTM Games - includes six fantastic DLC Packs! WormsTM Collection is jam-packed with three...

  • XCOM Enemy Unknown XCOM Enemy Unknown October 12, 2012 PS3 from only £6.39


  • Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution June 13, 2008 PS3 from only £.

    Hall of Fame Game designer, Sid Meier, has been called "The Father of Computer Gaming" with such early hits as F-15 Stealth Fighter, Railroad Tycoon, and Pirates. He put computer gaming on the map however,...

  • Port Royale 3 Gold Port Royale 3 Gold August 30, 2013 PS3 from only £8.98

    Port Royale 3 Gold Edition contains the full version of the multiple award-winning strategy game as well as the official expansion pack, Treasure Island

  • R U S E Move Compatible R U S E Move Compatible September 10, 2010 PS3 from only £8.89

    I love strategy games, particularly those along the lines of Sim City, Civilisation, Industry Giant, or Command + Conquer. Many happy afternoons have been wiled away slowly building up my resources to...

  • Tom Clancys End War Tom Clancys End War November 07, 2008 PS3 from only £4.49

    It's World War 3 on a scale and level of intensity that has never been seen. The full war genre that Tom Clancy created with Red Storm Rising eventually comes to life with Tom Clancy's EndWar - a chillingly...

  • History Legends of War History Legends of War March 08, 2013 PS3 from only £7.77