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  • Hoyle Card Games 2008 Hoyle Card Games 2008 May 30, 2008 PC from only £.

    It does the job, but graphics are unnecessary and features not as good as my Classic Card Games I used to use.

  • Fritz Chess 11 Fritz Chess 11 February 01, 2008 PC from only £19.09

    Fritz Chess the program that for many years now has fascinated the chess world. It played against the legendary Garry Kasparov in New York and in 2006 beat world champion Vladimir Kramnik 4:2 in a big...

  • Scrabble 2009 Scrabble 2009 October 09, 2009 PC from only £.

    Enjoy the traditional game or choose between 2 other modes: Duplicate (used in Scrabble competition) and Tempest (where you can change the rules as you play). Play fun word minigames such as Scrabble...

  • 888 Poker Starter Pack 888 Poker Starter Pack October 15, 2006 PC from only £.

  • Hoyle Card Games Hoyle Card Games July 12, 2006 PC from only £.

    The Best Deal in Town! Whatever your favourite card game, Hoyle puts you right in the middle of the action. For over 200 years, Hoyle has been the most trusted name in playing cards. With Hoyle Card Games...

  • Chess Champion Chess Champion October 25, 2002 PC from only £11.61

    Chess Champion is designed to play in the style of Russian world champion Mikhail Tal, famous for his daring and attacking style of play. Rather than searching for the best move with raw computer power,...

  • Ultimate Games Solitaire 500 Ultimate Games Solitaire 500 July 10, 2008 PC from only £.

  • 3 Hoyles Xplosiv Range 3 Hoyles Xplosiv Range November 21, 2003 PC from only £.

    So many games for so little cash. Plenty of choice, too. Particularly love the cartoon opponents, who speak to you! Something for everyone.

  • Chessmaster 9000 Chessmaster 9000 September 20, 2002 PC from only £.

    The newest edition of the best-selling chess software franchise of all time, Chessmaster 9000, introduces players to the rules and strategies of chess while building their skills through fun yet comprehensive...

  • Scrabble Interactive 2007 Edition Scrabble Interactive 2007 Edition September 26, 2008 PC from only £.

    We have spent many a night on the tiles 'round our way, but our favourite tiles come in batches of seven and contain letters with a points value. Yes, it's Scrabble once again for PC, and a new improved...