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  • New Super Mario Bros New Super Mario Bros June 30, 2006 DS from only £.

    In a nutshell:It''s been over fifteen years since the last Super Mario Bros. but finally Mario is back in a proper 2D platforming adventure. Just because it''s old school though doesn''t mean it''s old...

  • Super Mario 64 DS Super Mario 64 DS March 11, 2005 DS from only £.

    For anyone buying a Nintendo DS, Mario 64 is the most obvious first purchase. The main single player mode is essentially the same as the original Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, albeit with 30 more...

  • Donkey Kong Jungle Climber Donkey Kong Jungle Climber October 12, 2007 DS from only £.

    The entire Donkey Kong family gets into the swing of things on DS!King K. Rool is up to no good again, and it's up to Donkey Kong to swing into action. Using the same simple control scheme that made the...

  • Kirby Power Paintbrush Kirby Power Paintbrush December 02, 2005 DS from only £.

    While the DS's touch screen has obvious applications as an alternative to a mouse pointer, a few games have really run with the stylus as a way of directly controlling your character, like Pokemon Dash...

  • Nintendo Presents Crossword Collection Nintendo Presents Crossword Collection December 18, 2009 DS from only £2.95

    Nintendo Crossword

  • Sonic Rush Sonic Rush November 18, 2005 DS from only £.

    Sonic Rush (Nintendo DS)

  • Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis March 09, 2007 DS from only £.

    It seems folks love those Mini Mario toys. So much so that the Mario Toy Company has expanded the line to include Mini Donkey Kong, Mini Toad and Mini Peach figures to the series. With all these toys...

  • Sonic Rush Adventure Sonic Rush Adventure September 13, 2007 DS from only £.

    Sonic Rush Adventure (Nintendo DS)

  • Super Princess Peach Super Princess Peach May 26, 2006 DS from only £.

    Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)

  • Mario Party Mario Party November 23, 2007 DS from only £.

    Mario Party DS