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Electronic Arts
Release Date
October 08, 2010
Available Platforms
Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii

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FIFA 11 has enhanced their video football game with accurate and legitimate players who have unique characteristics and personality, with Personality+, an all-new feature that sees individual talents and ball skills. This enables each player to be distinguished from each other by grading skills, through an assessment of traits and characteristic features. Each element is captured on a database which has been compiles by international experts in the football game. So when you see Man United's Wayne Rooney or Chelsea's Frank Lampard, you will see the aspects of their game that they are renown, for example: Wayne's power and cocky ball skills, or Lampards fake dribbles that enable him to outwit his opponents.

Even the goalkeepers have personality plus, and the FIFA 11 has also introduced Pro Passing, which is established by a combination of: the gamer's capability using the controls; the player skill; and the state of the game on the pitch. As well as all this, there is additional functionality to customise chants per team and play music tracks from within the game.

With 28 licensed leagues, with over 15000 players - the ability to create yourself as a real life game player, 360° dribbling, and FIFA theatre which allows you to save highlights from the match including online games and allowing you to upload to footballworld.con - FIFA 11 takes this award winning game onto a new, even higher level.