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Product Features

Arcade and Platform
System 3
Release Date
January 04, 2008
Available Platforms
Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii

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Once again you can become Special Agent 4125, and undertake the desparate mission of saving the world from Elvin Atombender�s evil plot to destroy it! IMPOSSIBLE MISSION, originally released in 1984 by EPYX, could arguably be one of the greatest games ever produced. Its appeal, then as now, is the simple plot, challenging gameplay, totally fluid animation and spine-tingling sound FX - who will ever forget Elvin�s immortal words, �Destroy him, my robots�. You have 6 hours, of real time, in which to thoroughly search 32 rooms, locate 36 puzzle pieces and then crack the code to defeat Elvin. To navigating the rooms you must time your runs and jumps, leap around platforms and use moving lifts, all this while avoiding deathly and devious human-seeking robots and black...