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Product Features

Quiz and Trivia
Release Date
February 15, 2008
Available Platforms
Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii

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For the first time ever, Noel Edmonds brings his classic TV show Telly Addicts to console. Telly Addicts is a TV show, where the aim of the game is to correctly answer as many questions as possible to win the game. As you play Telly Addicts, you'll progress through a series of quiz rounds, collecting points as you go, with the aim of Telly Addicts being to accumulate the most points to win the game.Telly Addicts Features:Famous clips, pictures and hundreds of questions: Telly Addicts content spans decades of great TV!Noel guides you through 6 rounds of family fun: Telly Addicts lets you find out who is the true Telly Addict of the family.Telly Addicts Rounds: Each round in Telly Addicts will focus on a specific type of question.Play Telly Addicts as your choose: You can play Telly Addicts just...