Gameboy Advance
PlayStation 2
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Product Features

Music and Dancing
Release Date
November 21, 2003
Available Platforms
Gameboy Advance, PC, PlayStation 2

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Pop Idol

The dancing game phenomenon, kickstarted in the arcades with the help of veteran developer Konami, has quickly spread to home consoles in several different forms. The Dancing Stage series has players tapping their feet in time with the music, whilst Koeis Gitaroo Man had gamers actually playing musical instruments to the beat of a soundtrack. Codemasters Pop Idol for PC, on the other hand, has players singing their little hearts out. As with every other game of this type, gameplay focuses on the players ability to hit buttons or stamp their feet in time with the music. In the case of Pop Idol, wannabe stars must simply sing in tune. On each performance level, there is a crosshair in the centre of the screen. As the music plays, directional arrows will approach on vertical and horizontal axis...