Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo UK
Release Date
June 16, 2017
Available Platforms
Nintendo Switch

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Try ARMS for free this weekend! Get the ARMs Global Testpunch free app on the Nintendo eshop to participate. Schedule: Saturday 3rd June 01:00 01:59 BST/13:00 13:59 BST/19:00 19:59 BST Sunday 4th June 01:00 01:59 BST/13:00 13:59 BST/19:00 19:59 BST How to play Choose your favourite control scheme and get punching! Holding both Joy-Con controllers in a thumbs-up grip, jab your hands forward to punch and tilt the Joy-Con controllers to move. Twist the Joy-Con after a punch to curve your character's arm! Tips Use a combination of dashes and jumps to dodge your opponents' attacks with grace! Hold the dash button to charge, then let fly with a powerful charge punch! You can dash even while jumping. This'll help you stay in the air longer and change the timing of your landing. Want to let loose with...