XBox One
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Product Features

Action and Shooter
Release Date
October 27, 2015
Available Platforms
XBox One

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Halo V: Guardians for Xbox One marks the next step for the Halo franchise, taking the first-person shooter foundations established over a decade ago in Halo: Combat Evolved, and refining them for the latest generation on Xbox One. After several human colonies are attacked for unknown reasons, a desperate chase to find the Master Chief ensues. You play as Spartan Locke - a new Spartan to the Halo franchise and part of Fireteam Osiris. Alongside your three loyal squad mates, Spartan Locke must chase across space to track down the Master Chief before its too late for Earth, to prove the Master Chiefs innocence and to uncover the secrets of the galaxy before its too late for humanity. Ready up, Spartan After the Master Chiefs loyalties are called into question, a team of brand-new Spartans must...