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Action and Shooter
Release Date
November 11, 2011
Available Platforms
Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

This FPS from Acivision is available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. This latest epic campaign (sequel to award winning Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) sees the war spreading into the USA as the Russian forces from Modern Warfare 2 start to target American cities such as New York. They even launch attacks on other countries including England, France and Germany. The scenery is stunning and the gameplay is of the standard we have come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise; exciting, hands-on, frenetic. Whichever branch of the Military you decide to join, you will be propelled instantly into dealing with the enemy and saving lives. You will become totally immersed in throwing grenades, attacking with knives, shooting guns and stalking the enemy. You can take on the role of various characters in single player mode or you can play in cooperative or a superior multiplayer mode.

  • William Reynolds March 31, 2012 PS3

    Call of Duty MW3:

    So, it's back.
    The video game giant that took the world by storm in 2007 has returned with its third edition, hyped to an extreme degree complete with a graphics and gameplay boost, combined with a story that you can actually follow this time, it looks to be the best yet.

    Modern warfare has become one of the most popular games of all time, with hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world reaching across international borders to play this game. A campaign mode crammed full of action sequences so spectacular your jaw is unlikely to leave the floor for the entire six hours your playing it. But wait, six hours? In a modern video game that is ridiculously small, although the campaign is short and sweet, but we all know that the campaign is just an excuse to release another sequel. Anybody who knows anything knows that when it comes to Modern Warfare, online multiplayer steals the show every time.

    Since it's release every FPS (First Person Shooter) has based it's entire gameplay on Modern Warfare, each online multiplayer is a cheap attempt to copy that magic blend of RPG (Role Playing Game) and FPS that Modern Warfare has. Nobody else has managed to do it so well yet, Battlefield gets closer by the day but no not yet, and with such a large platoon of loyal fans out there any developer is going to have a hard job doing it.

    In the latest edition the campaign follows the previously established formula of jumping between different storylines and characters: except this time these storylines intertwine as one and provide a satisfying conclusion to the drama that has building since the original Modern Warfare back in 2007. For the first time you do not play as "Soap Mctavish" instead you play as: Yuri, an ex-spetsnaz: a Delta force operative, Sgt. Frost: an SAS soldier Burns and Andrei Harkov a Russian security soldier in charge of protecting the Russian president. The main antagonist of the story is once again Makarov; a global terrorist bent on destroying the world through nuclear war. It is full of spectacular action pieces on a bigger scale than ever before; including the destruction of the Eiffel tower. The characters seen in the campaign despite their charm and funny sounding accents, actually have very little depth. They do not grow much throughout the story, but Modern Warfare has never really been about character development.

    As introduced in Modern Warfare 2, Special Operations (Spec Ops) makes a return with an entirely new set of missions and a new mode to explore. The missions are all well designed providing an excellent distraction from the multiplayer and campaign, with variety and interesting challenges presented to the player(s). The star system - completing a challenge earns you stars depending on the difficulty, the hardest earns you three stars per challenge - also makes a return for all the perfectionists out there determined to collect all 48 stars. They have even built in some of the multiplayer elements this time, providing an offline profile which allows you to level up and gain new weapons and even perks. This offline profile is most prominent in the new mode: survival. This is where you are placed in a variety of different maps and faced with never-ending waves of enemies; they start you off with only a pistol. As you progress through the rounds, increasing in difficulty, bringing along Juggernauts and Helicopters, you can upgrade your weapons, grenades, body armour, rockets and even perks from unique points around the map. This entire mode is about strategy and seeing how long you can survive using different implements, it supports two players and is one of the highlights of the game in my opinion. To make a long story short, its a blast. The guns are great, the maps are great, the enemies are great. This sums up what Modern Warfare is all about for me.

    But the real focus of the game is of course the multi-player, again it makes a return with only a few slight tweaks. A new set of maps of course has been introduced: which of course has caused massive debates in forums all over the world wide web. For me they provide a balance between the smaller more compact and intense gameplay of the first Modern warfare and the the larger maps favouring the dreaded "campers" in Modern Warfare 2. They are fun to play and definitely have good value. Gone is the points system introduced in Black ops, returning to the traditional upgrade style; however there is an inclusion of levels for specific weapons. The more you use one weapon the more upgradable it becomes, allowing for more attachments and perks designed specifically for that weapon; for me this was very cool. The level cap is set at 80 this time around providing a suitable challenge for all the obsessive gamers out there to reach the revered "prestige mode" overall however the changes are subtle. As the saying goes "if it ain't broken don't fix it" and this is certainly the case although it may not be all that different it certainly is brilliant and fun to play.

    Overall then Modern Warfare has returned as more of the same with a few slight alterations, this is its biggest criticism. Critics are claiming that players will get bored of the same formulaic style with predictable story lines and repeating multiplayer, but I'm not so sure. The massive fan base is remaining loyal and Modern Warfare 3 still managed to outsell it's biggest competitor Battlefield 3 by a long way. Overall this a highly polished product, an excellent campaign, a superb Spec Ops mode an an entertaining multiplayer make this a great package well worth the money. I haven't even mentioned the extras included, like the intel available to be hunted down in the campaign and the varying levels of difficulty which add hours of gameplay. This is more of the same, but the same means just as brilliant, if playing the same brilliant material with a new twist excites you then Modern Warfare 3 is for you. However if your someone who is concerned with realism, and a fresh take on the genre with each release, perhaps not.

  • Pedro Gonçalves October 26, 2011 PC

    For what I've seen so far, it will be the best of the series.
    I loved MW2 and although graphics won't change, the experience will certainly be as awesome as ever was !