Nintendo DS
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Product Features

Board, Card and Casino
D3 Publisher
Release Date
March 27, 2009
Available Platforms
Nintendo DS, PC

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is an exciting new addition to the Puzzle Quest universe, incorporating a compelling blend of casual and hardcore game elements similar to those adored by fans of 'Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords' into a futuristic, science-fiction setting. In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix a horrifying scientific accident has provoked another race to attempt extermination of humankind. Each player creates a heroic pilot who gains skills, crafts items, manoeuvres among the universe's political factions, and upgrades the ultimate space fleet as they attempt to end the genocide. An all-new hexagonal puzzle board allows for deeper strategy as it reacts to gravity according to a player's location in the universe. This, along with new gameplay elements like hacking leapgates, negotiating...