Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii
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Action and Shooter
Release Date
March 02, 2007
Available Platforms
Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii

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In a nutshell:Sonic the Hedgehog is going back to basics with a straight up 3D race game that ditches all the guns, vehicles and hangers-on from the more recent games and concentrates on pure speed and platform action.The lowdown:The blue speedster has come a long way since the Mega Drive days, a bit too far some would say - since many of his more recent games bear little relation to his original platform antics. This looks a lot more like the old games though (even though it's got a weird Arabian Nights back story) as you simply move left and right with the Wii Remote and use the '2' button to jump. You can also reverse up by tilting the remote and do a homing attack on enemies by lifting the controller up vertically, but that and a slowly filling turbo boost bar is as complicated as things...