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Action and Shooter
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February 01, 2013
Available Platforms
PlayStation 3, XBox 360

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Grand Theft Auto 4

This great car-jacking fest is a cracker. You play as Niko Bellic, an immigrant in search of a new, crime-free life who's unfortunately sucked back into a life of crime, poor boy. But car-jacking is not the only activity, the environments are interactive so you can visit a strip joint or have a game of poker and you have your own mobile phone, too, useful for identifying songs on the great soundtrack.

  • Craig Broddle May 05, 2013 PS3

    With GTA V looming, I felt it would be apt to take a look back at it's mainstream predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 4. GTA 4 is based in Liberty City and places you in the worn out trainers of Niko Bellic, an immigrant looking to start fresh with the help of his cousin and other, ethically questionable companions.

    As always, GTA 4 has it all, guns, girls, cars and more guns. However, the mechanics of the game and how it's played have changed from the days of San Andreas.

    The combat has been overhauled, you now can take cover with ease when in a gun fight, shoot from behind said cover or aim up and time your shots. This cover system is brilliant, you're given plenty of cover from gun-fire with regular objects (small generators on building sites, etc.) but at the same time you can be reprimanded for using it. Linger too long whilst taking people out and your target may get away.
    The melee combat is a little better too, now being able to disarm you opponents means you can level the playing field in a fight. It's not the same depth as we saw in San Andreas, but the core of the melee is definitely more stable this time around.
    Driving's a lot of fun as always but with a city this large it can be lengthy. So, do what all lazy people do when they don't want to walk. Hail a cab! You can skip over to your destination in seconds, making your life so much easier.

    Whilst GTA 4 isn't pushing any big new boundaries, it is fair to say that we go back to it because we love it. It does so much, so well. You can take a friend drinking, date girls you meet online, race cars and take helicopter rides! There's always something to do, which makes it not only a game to enjoy once, but a game to enjoy over and over again.

    Until Grand Theft Auto 5 comes out later this year.

  • Thomas Rich November 28, 2011 PS3

    From strip clubs to armed robberies, Rockstar's fourth instalment of GTA has arrived Grand Theft Auto IV is the most realistic and immersive Grand Theft Auto yet. Set in a revamped Liberty city, Players play as Niko Bellic, a European immigrant who hopes to escape his past and moves to america after receiving emails from his cousin who claims he is living the American dream, fast cars, women and and mansions. When Niko arrives he realises he is about to live the American nightmare. Niko and his cousin Roman get dragged into the Psychopathic world of criminals, gangs, terrorists and sociopaths. They find that the lower they fall, the harder it is to get out. Grand Theft Auto IV supports up to 16 player network features, including: drug wars, death match and free roam.

  • Diane Williams February 06, 2009 PS3

    My thoughts about GTA 4 are still high.

    After having it for a year, I had a go again to see if it was still enjoyable and to compare it to the new games of 09. My thoughts are that the graphics are still amazing. It has this crystal clear image on a non- HD TV and doesn't lag on my PS3 like some other games (but that might just be me). Really the only thing I hate (...and I mean HATE) is that it's 80% night time and then 20% day time. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone, but it seems that every-time I play, it takes forever to get to daytime so I can't see so clearly whilst playing my game. The soundtrack I don't really care about, but I do listen to it once in a while and find it entertaining.

  • Ben Simpson July 22, 2008 PS3

    Quality game. I could leave it at that. It doesn't have as many features as San Andreas (the previous GTA) but it doesn't really matter that you can't recruit people to be in your gang, because once you progress through the game and you make friends with certain people you can get a few people to come cruise with you. When you get to killing the Boss of that chapter of the story you have just completed there is a choice: kill him, or let him live. Leaving loads of possibilities of what could happen afterwards (depending on your actions). Beating people up is ace, the fighting's been refined so you can counter their punches. Crashing your car is so much better also. In this one, if you tap your car off the wall, the car will get scraped, whereas in San Andreas the car would completely buckle up. And if you were to go full speed and went front first into a wall Niko (the main character) will fly through the front windsheild! And the graphics are, obviously, suburb. All this makes me want to play it over all my other games, even now, because gamers long for the sense of realism, which, (thank rockstar) is delivered in GTA IV. The missions are an extra for me because I just enjoy driving around, stealing cars, getting into fights, running from cops on a 6 star wanted level! But the missions keep you enticed from the start as Niko embarks on his quest to get back at the man who sold out Niko's1 friends and killed them all. There was rarely a time when I got bored, because if I couldn't do a mission, I just went freeroaming around the massive map in Liberty City. There are many other things I havn't mentioned here but for good reason. Half the fun of the game is finding cars, the secret places, the hidden 'easter eggs' etc and getting that small sense of acheivement! Well worth a buy. 10/10

  • James Capie July 05, 2008 PS3

    There was an extremely large amount of hype for Grand Theft Auto IV to live up to when it was released at the end of April 2008, and to be quite honest, it has exceeded my expectations and defiantly lived up to the hype.

    Fair enough, this is now the 6th instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series and you would think that we would be getting bored now but no. GTA IV still manages to keep us entertained and busy for hours and hours without complaint, and with a very nice smile on our faces.

    GTA IV has some absolutely quality things in it too enjoy and each mission that you must complete gets better and better and involves various different things. I suppose when it comes down to it, your overall objective is to go around shooting the bad people. But hey, I found it fun so why should nobody else.

    In this third-person shooter, you play as Niko Bellic in the setting of Liberty City (based upon New York) who has come to the United States in hope of living the American Dream with his cousin, Roman. When Niko arrives, he discovers Roman has lied and he must start from the bottom of the food chain. You do this by completing missions for various different people that are introduced to you throughout the game. One mission you might just be killing a small time drug dealer, trying to make the world a better place or the next you might be robbing a bank of several million dollars.

    GTA IV is like the other prequels in this series by the fact that in between missions you can "free-roam" around the city. On foot, you can walk; jog, sprint, jump or swim or you could steal a vehicle, and enjoy a ride in a fast sports car, a helicopter, a speedboat or a motorcycle. Rock Star North has basically tried to create the best environment to do anything in and with all different parts of the Liberty City map containing something different for you to do.

    Things that are new in the game include the Mobile Phone, which becomes a very important part of the main storyline. Contacts will call you to arrange deals or your girlfriends might call to arrange a date. Each contact has certain hours when you can call them and with some, you can become their friend and ring to go out drinking or to the local Cabaret Club. You can even call 911 to ring for help or just to try and get a free police car. The game also features the use of the internet, accessible in a cyber café. On the internet you can check your emails to look for missions meet new girlfriends on a Dating Site or just browse to your heart's content.

    It has to be said that the greatest new introduction into the Grand Theft Auto series is the ability to play online. With 15 different types of multiplayer and a whole city at your feet, you have hours of shooting, driving or even both to enjoy! A fantastic party mode as well which lets you and your friends explore the city and discover its secrets.

    Graphics on the game are truly magnificent and on the mission introduction the characters move flawlessly. Driving around the city, everything is so realistic; all the buildings are there and fully formed at all times and its brilliant to see the detail on some of the buildings. You can enjoy the Empire State Building look-a-like or even the Statue of Liberty. The environment that you are in is truly fantastic

    Overall, a absolute quality game, and a must for anyone interested in driving, shooting or just some good ol' action.