Xbox LIVE Gold 12 Month Membership Card Xbox One 360

A world of entertainment is yours with Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership.Watch live sports and TV from Sky with Sky Player1 on Xbox LIVE. Jump rightin to online games with friends around the world. Plus, enjoy personalisedmusic with a Zune Pass and Last.fm3, update your status on Facebook and bepart of whats happening on Twitter right on your TV. And Kinect makesyour entertainment even more extraordinary. Imagine controlling moviesand music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice, or chattingon your TV with Video Kinect2. Upgrade today for moregames, entertainment and fun. Windows Phone 7 featuringXbox LIVE lets you connect and play games with your friends4.Use your Xbox LIVE profile to access your avatar, gamerscore,and achievements. Share scores and earn recognition for youraccomplishments...

  • Ellis August 12, 2008 XONE

    Xbox live gold is great letting you play live online across the world but the letdown is you have to pay. It shoud either be free or about £9.99, not a RRP of £39.99.

    I would give 4 out of five star.