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Find-Game Partner Programme



Web site owners - Add game price comparison to your web site!

Do you manage a web site ? Would you like to offer a Video Game price comparison service?


If the answer to the above is yes then please read on. We are pleased to announce the release of the white-label price comparison service. Include prices from over 40 UK retailers with current prices including postage and packing for almost any game, enabling users to buy games from the cheapest retailers online. We also include digital download retailers. Simply insert a few lines of ASP or PHP script into your web page where you want the prices to be shown. Users can browse game platforms and categories and view prices without leaving your site. Not until they click the "buy" button, are they taken to the appropriate retailers site.




  • Listings from over 40 retailers, which is a real selling point to a consumer who engages comparison services.
  • The service is updated with new titles on a regular basis – partners don’t have to change anything for new releases to start appearing.
  • You require little technical knowledge to become a partner, we provide example ASP and PHP pages showing how to drive the service and can assist you step by step with the setup.
  • Increased visitors and more dynamic content from the game comparison market without writing and maintaining your own VERY time-consuming comparison functionality.


How does it work?


Simply insert a few lines of ASP or PHP script into your page, configure the format to match your existing style and whenever a visitor requests the page they will also be shown a list of retailers, prices and a buy button allowing them to purchase the game. The script on your page makes a call to our servers which in turn, check our database of retailers and prices. We return a list of retailers and prices (including post and packaging) in an XML data packet. The script on your page then formats this information for the user. The "buy" buttons displayed on your page will hyperlink to the appropriate retailers, passing a shared tracking ID which enables us to track sales. Although you can freely access the various retailers affiliate accounts online, we also provide software which automatically colates sales figures from all of the retailers and presents it on a single, simple form. Anyone currently managing a web site or intranet may apply to join our partner program by e-mailing us.


Retailer Partner Programme

Retailers - get your products listed on FIND-GAME


If you are an on-line retailers and want to be included on the find-game site then we recommend you sign up with one of the major networks such as Affiliate Window or Trade Doubler, however, if you find this too costly or complicated then we offer a simple Pay Per Click (PPC) program you can join


How do I sign up as a retailer?

Simply visit and sign-up on-line.
You'll find all the documentation you need on-line to get started. Simply provide us with contact details, your site URL and details of where we can find your product feed and we'll include you as soon as possible.


How does it work?


After signing up and once we've managed to integrate your product catalogue your products will start appearing on When a user clicks a link from our site to yours, we will keep a record of the client details, date and time and show this in the Traffic Statistics in your control panel on the retailer partner portal. This allows you to monitor the amount of traffic you receive and the charges incurred to date.


Fees are charged monthly in arrears and you can leave the programme at any time.


How much does it cost?


We charge a nominal 10p per click (plus VAT) for highly targeted traffic. Our visitors are looking to buy games and so conversion rates are amongst the highest on the net.