PlayStation 4
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Product Features

Action and Shooter
Release Date
February 20, 2015
Available Platforms
PlayStation 4

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The Order 1886

This single-player, third person shooter, action adventure (exclusively for PS4) is set in a realistic but imaginary Victorian style London where history fuses seamlessly with myth and legend. You will go back to the 19th century, take on the role of Galahad (a member of the elite Order of Knights) and join a centuries old war against a formidable force of enemies; both new and old. You may change the course of history for ever!

Not only will you will battle the Rebels, who are anti-police and have declared war on the Order, but you will also have to deal with an ancient enemy, a powerful race (the Half-breeds) who are threatening to destroy peace and order in the city. The twist to the plot is that you will have advanced gadgets and weaponry available to you (Arc Guns, Thermite rifles, Monoculars ...)

Unique, plausible, realistic, Fun!