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Codemasters Limited
Release Date
November 24, 2011
Available Platforms
Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, XBox 360

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F1 2011

This is Codemasters breath-taking sequel to BAFTA award-winning FORMULA ONE. The game, which sports revolutionary graphics, features all the circuits, teams and drivers from the 2011 FIA Formula One Championship. The focus this time is on the game's multiplayer option, including split-screen mode where 2 players can join as a team to compete for victory in the Driver and Constructor championships. With two new locations, the Buddh International Circuit in India and Nurburgring in Germany there are 19 circuits to race on during the season and you will live through the whole exciting experience ; new rules (KERS and DRS) to tyres, paddock to pit lane and track to podium. You can opt to tune your own vehicle and driving variables or you can take your personal Race Engineer's advice. With a range of skill levels on offer - the difficulty can be adjusted for every player's preference. Join the likes of Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumaker and Button; choose a team including Ferrari, Red Bull, McLauren plus many more and race your way up to the top!

  • Yuji Lloyd September 27, 2011 360

    When playing a racing game, one of the things that most affects my enjoyment of it is the sense of realism that the game grants you whilst playing it. Unlike a sci-fi game or a shoot-'em-up, I love racing games most when they are at their most real, reflecting reality as close as possible.

    This is one of the many, many things that F1 2011 does best. This new franchise made a real name for itself last year with the first F1 2010 game, and not only has it lived up to its expectations based on last year's BAFTA-winning original, it has truly outdone itself with the sequel, and deserves praise for a multitude of levels.

    First and foremost, as I have already mentioned, is its sense of realism. The graphics are most definitely the best that I have ever seen in any racing game, and you constantly feel as if you are quite literally in the driver's seat, handling your car as you race around the track, easing back on the accelerator when you come into a corner and speeding away down the straights.

    Though I am yet to test the multi-player features online, simply playing against your friends in the comfort of your own living room provides hours of entertainment, and I'm already looking forward to the time when they have bought the game too, because the online multi-player part of the game allows you to play with up to fifteen other drivers, which will make competing amongst all of your friends at once a tremendous amount of fun. The multi-player side of F1 2011 is one of the many things that the game's developer, Codemasters, has worked hard on to improve from the 2010 game, and it really shows in the finished product.

    One thing that I do find is that, having only had a few days playing the game since its release this month, it is a little difficult to feel like a professional driver. Yet having said that, I personally don't see this as a bad thing at all, because it means that this is a game that you will have to work at to get the full benefit from, which will thus ensure you get your full money's worth from it. As something of a rookie, I already absolutely love the game and have clocked more than a dozen hours of gameplay in the past few days alone, and look forward to a time when I am finishing first in all my races and picking up trophies along the way. Because that is really why we play racing games, to compete for the glory that comes with a first place finish. And whilst I may not be there yet, I am determined to improve my skills through the game in the coming weeks and will get there before long. It truly is a fantastic and utterly memorable game, and I am already looking forward to seeing how the game will be reincarnated next year for F1 2012. Game on.