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Electronic Arts
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March 04, 2011
Available Platforms
PlayStation 3, XBox 360

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  • Jamie Davies Bunting March 12, 2011 PS3

    I've had this game since release and I was really excited for it.
    Champion mode is a good storyline but very short
    Legacy mode is good at the start but once you become Champion, you've just got to retain it which gets boring.
    Fight Now (Online) is alright but it's unfair because you could pick an 84 and they would pick someone better like an 94 and unless you are amazing at this game then you've lost.
    OWC has got to be the worse online gaming I've played in months. You use your character from Legacy mode but he doesn't have any of the upgrades that you added.
    You've got to upgrade your punches. It is very hard to win a match because it matches you with other people that are 90s when you're only 78. I am now on 82 and whenever I find a match, it's either a 90+ so I have no chance of winning or an 82 or under and they leave the match before it starts. OWC Level is also terrible, When you lose you lose 40 points, at the start you have 500 and you can't beat anyone because the reason above.

    This game is not finished to other standards like FIFA.

    I believe that you buy this game but you have to keep buying XP Packs from PlayStation Store to keep up with the competition.

    I am taking it back today and hoping to get a full refund.

    £40 can be spend on 2 better games.