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Product Features

Action and Shooter
Release Date
December 22, 2006
Available Platforms
Gameboy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii, XBox, XBox 360

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Open Season

In a nutshell: Just like the movie, Boog the bear and Elliot the deer are just trying to get home, but there''s an endless wilderness and an army of hunters in their way. The lowdown: There''s not a movie worth its salt, particularly not a CGI kid''s movie that would dare walk the merchandising catwalk without a video game adaptation. The problem is most of them aren''t very good and despite some fun moments Open Season doesn''t really do much to stand out from the crowd. What''s annoying is that Boog actually has a number of interesting abilities, like throwing skunks as stun grenades and squirrels as nut firing gun turrets, but by the time you''ve unlocked them all it''s almost the end of the game. This means for most of the time you''re just carrying out dull fetch quests, which is fine...

  • Evan June 20, 2018 PS2

    I love this game!