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Merge Games
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October 12, 2012
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Valentius Basil, a monk from the monastery of Camaldoli and Medicus is summoned to Florence to treat with his old friend Lorenzo de Medici, a mysterious disease. Lorenzo died shortly after his arrival, however, surprising. When Basil finds clues that point to a murder, he is determined to look into this. Readily available to him while his old mentor and Ardicino Rodrigo Borgia, the powerful Borgia house of Padre Familia, to the side. Despite all this, it is no easy task to find the murderer, there is in Italy at this time but many feuds between the powerful family dynasties. Everybody wants to choose the next Pope election, then it is they will use any means necessary. Assist in its investigations Basil old friends and new Cesare - but whom he can trust?